Top 5 commercial areas in Navi Mumbai where you can find PG rooms easily












When you think of living in a new city, one of the first worries that might cross your
mind is how difficult it will be to find decent and budget-friendly accommodation.
Especially in a metro city like Navi Mumbai where prices can be hefty for bachelors.
Working professionals usually prefer to rent a flat or find a PG accommodation which
is next to their workplace. Group of employees working together usually prefer to
rent a flat so that the rent amount is divided equally among them. But even if one
roommate plans to leave, the burden of heavy rent falls equally among the rest of the
roommates. So staying as a PG is always a better option.
When you plan to look for PG, there are certain things to keep in mind. You can
search for the accommodation by yourself or either goes to a broker who can help
you search for a better PG in Navi Mumbai. Look out for No brokerage facility as it
will save money. You can pay the rent directly to the owner of the property. Also do
ensure that the property has a CCTV camera and watchman, for safety purposes.
Also make sure that basic amenities like kitchen utensils, gas stove, cupboard, Wi-Fi
etc. are available.
Navi Mumbai is a planned city with all the amenities. Let’s have a look at the major
commercial locations in Navi Mumbai.

This is one of the most developed localities in Navi Mumbai with many
corporates/offices emerging. If you are looking for a PG or a rental flat in Vashi, Navi
Mumbai, do check for the amenities they are providing. There are many malls, parks
and beautiful places like  mini seashores where you can spend a good time on


This is a place that has emerged as a hub for many corporates, especially IT and
BPO companies. Many migrants come in search of a workplace to Airoli. There are
many PGs and Rental flats available in Airoli for both females and males.


Ghansoli has many Business parks and office spaces and better connectivity to
many places. It is also home to a lot of reputed firms. One can easily find a Pg in
Ghansoli at a budget-friendly cost. Ghansoli will be an upcoming IT hub in the
coming years. As it comes under the planned city, this place has well-designed
roads and greenery around as it comes under the planned city.


Panvel consists of old Panvel and New Panvel. Many people work in industrial
areas of Rasayani, Pen, and Taloja. It also has residential areas having connectivity
to various colleges, Industries, and railways. Panvel has beautiful forts, rivers, and
dams. So you can visit these places in your leisure time. Most people search for
Jobs in Panvel as it is the next developing locality after Airoli and Ghansoli. You can
rent a flat in Panvel and also find a PG with a hassle-free process to move in.


Kharghar is one of the safest localities that are good to relocate with family. It has a
lot of malls, parks and a golf course. Kharghar has a beautiful balance between
residential and commercial locality. You can try to find a home on rent in Kharghar
for your family or find shared rooms in Kharghar if you plan your stay with

In Conclusion

Getting safe and secure rooms at a good budget is like a dream for many in Navi
Mumbai. Check for the locality and amenities of the shared rooms you choose. No
brokerage will save your money and you can pay directly to the owner. Navi Mumbai
has many IT companies and newly emerging companies. You can relocate to any of
these cities like Airoli, Vashi, Kharghar, Panvel, and Ghansoli.

Cozydorms has sharing rooms in Navi Mumbai with No brokerage and a Hassle-free
process so that you can move directly into any of the properties. The properties are
safe and affordable for females and males. When you come to Navi Mumbai, we will
help you find the perfect cozy dorm for you.

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