Reasons to choose Paying Guest accommodation over the rental stay.













People travel thousands of miles for an opportunity in a city for a better life and a better experience. But with cities developing at the fastest rates in the state and around the country, real estate prices have seen a sharp rise. With such high demand for accommodation, buying and renting properties is nothing less than a battle. We are here to help you by making your decision easier.


What to choose?

Are you confused between going for a PG room or renting a 1 bhk apartment? There are a few crucial factors to be considered for the same. If you are a bachelor, PG can be a good option for you. If you prefer privacy over staying with different people, you can go renting an apartment.

Most PG and rental room options provided by Cozy Dorms are in Prime locations and commercial areas for the convenience of people residing as such locations have better connectivity to railways and bus stops.


Great Amenities

Their PG rooms have some great amenities like Wi-Fi, gas stove, kitchenware, and maintenance services  Most PGs do not have housekeeping services, but with Cozy Dorms, you can save your time since they provide you with such amenities.


Save over rental expense

If you live on your own, your monthly rent will be expensive. And if you try to find your flat through a broker, you may be charged extra due to Brokerage. Pg options in Mumbai are affordable. Most working professionals prefer PG over renting a flat. You can plan your stay with Cozydorms. They provide no brokerage options and help you save the extra expenditure.


Delicious Food


When you live in a PG, they provide you with breakfast and lunch. But when you stay in a rental flat, you will have to cook your food or, you will have to appoint a cook for yourself.


Opportunity to connect with different people


In Pg, you will spend time with different people, mainly students, and professionals. You will meet people with different mindsets, careers, and habits. Overall you can connect with different people and develop a great bond with them.




In a PG where you live with many people, there is little place for worry. You will be surrounded by your roommates and others with whom you might feel safe. If you live alone in a rented apartment, your premises should be well equipped with a surveillance camera.


Finally, we can conclude that


Living in a PG is much more affordable than living in a Rented Apartment.


In a PG, you get various facilities like Wi-Fi, Gas Stove, Kitchen Utensils, etc. It is affordable for bachelors looking for a home in a new city. In Pg, you get breakfast and dinner on time. In most PGs housekeeping services are also available. When you stay in a rented apartment, you will have to do the cleaning all by yourself.


There are numerous benefits to living in a Pg in Mumbai if you are choosing your stay with Cozydorms. We have good feedback from our guests who previously booked their stay with us. Book your stay with CozyDorms.

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