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Things to consider before you move into your PG Accommodation


Many people migrate to various places in search of a new job, college, or travellers traveling for a break. PG stay is an amazing option if you are looking for an affordable and comfortable stay. There are various things to keep in mind when you are moving into a new location e.g. If you are looking for a PG in Navi Mumbai you need to check whether your PG is nearby to your workplace or college.


The PG you have selected offers basic furnishings like cupboards, chairs, or Tables. Also, create a list of other things you will need when you move into the PG so you can arrange it with the help of the owner.  Check if the PG facility has amenities that make your co-living easy and comfortable.


Females looking for a safe and secure PG accommodation see that the vicinity if it is crowded or secluded. Since safety is important for females. See it the property has a security guard and CCTV camera.


There are many things to keep in mind before you get a desirable PG in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai. The most common points are listed below.


  1. Distance 

You need to find out the distance between your workplace /education institute and your PG. Searching for the right PG for your nearby location is essential. It will save time, energy, and money. Check whether there are public transport vehicles available near your PG.


  1. Security

Check the location and nearby vicinity whether the surrounding has more residential buildings around your PG Homestay. Most PG in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai has more residential societies rather than commercial places.


  1. Brokerage charges

Mostly try to find your comfortable stay directly without any broker. That will save your money. And you can also review the property directly from the owner itself and easier for you to move in and relocate.


  1. Hygiene

 The very important factor to make your PG accommodation comfortable is hygiene. Keep it your topmost priority when you are looking for a PG accommodation in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai. After all, when you are paying for your stay it is your basic right to get a clean and hygienic place. Ask your owner to help you in appointing a house help according to your convenient time.




  1. Amenities 

Look for any amenities that you will get along in your PG homestay period. Relish amenities like free Wi-Fi, cooking gas, refrigerator, or washing machine, etc. are must have’s so it is easy for you to move in just with your clothes. See that they also have power backup. Most places have power cuts and that makes your living experience difficult especially if you are a student.


In Conclusion


Before you move into your right PG, make sure you have a word with your owner and check out the basic amenities. See how convenient your PG is to your workplace and Educational institution. Hygiene should be your priority because cleanliness is essential for a comfortable and healthy PG accommodation.


A secure property is what you will be looking for so, make sure you take all the above points in mind and choose the coziest nest for you.

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