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Majority of us have become used to working from home. Some like it because they have the freedom to work as well as take care of their personal lives. Some like it because they can focus on their goals while still giving them time to work on their hobbies. Either ways, personal work and professional work can be adjusted and a schedule can be created accordingly to balance both well. And who can deny the irresistible appeal of staying in your comfort zone while your paycheck is delivered to your account?


Some people are still struggling to adapt to the work from home environment. But there are many ways to build a work-friendly and relaxing space in your room itself. Even if you live alone in your rented apartment, you can always enjoy yourself and work in the best possible setting.


There are some great hacks to create a pleasant and productive atmosphere at home.


Create a Get-To-Work playlist


Work from home can be enjoyable if you listen to music while doing so. Make a lovely playlist of upbeat songs to keep you motivated while working. The majority of the tasks will be done efficiently and without stress, if you have a great playlist to listen to while working. Music always helps in reducing stress and keeps you energized.


Dress up as if you are ready to go to the office


You should dress up as though you are working from your office. You will automatically get a vibe and motivation to work properly if you are in formal attire.  Also, if you have a Zoom meeting, you must look presentable.  This also helps your employers get a feel that you are working dedicatedly.


Make your snacking time special


The majority of people tend to snack from their desks. They enjoy snacking while working on their tasks. If at all necessary, include any dried fruits or nuts in your diet because they are nutritious. Make some buttermilk with some delicious masalas and drink it during the day for a soothing feeling. Allow yourself to experiment with fresh and exciting snacks as in-between snacks keep you away from the feeling of sleepiness or boredom and keep you active.


Take a Break


Working the whole day can be tedious, so you can take a break and do some stretching exercises, complete your household chores or take some rest in between. That’s the best part about working from home. It is the best opportunity to balance both worlds simultaneously. You can play some mobile games in between to take a break and enjoy.  Taking a break in between keeps you more active and concentrated while you are working.


Finally, we can say…


To remain productive and energized for Work from Home, you should work in a playful mood. Since in a PG Room, most of the tenants are young and like-minded, there is usually a fun and relaxing environment.


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