How to find good accommodation in Mumbai with great amenities?











“ Once you live in Mumbai, No other city is good Enough”


Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. The city is always running- 24×7.  When you arrive in Mumbai, you will realize that this city is filled with people who are always glad to help you. Many People relocate here to make a living. And once you get used to Mumbai, there is no turning back. You will be in love with the city and its pace.


The majority of people relocate to Mumbai for a better life or higher studies. In Mumbai, you have access to excellent work opportunities as well as it is also home to some great educational institutions. Mumbai is an expensive city to live in. When people move to Mumbai, the first thing they need to do is find a PG/Hostel or rental accommodation. There are numerous options when searching for “PG in Mumbai” on Google. However, finding the right place for a reasonable cost can be challenging. The majority of people prefer to live near their workplace or educational institution. Many students also tend to live in a PG or Hostel with people who have similar educational backgrounds. It would always be more expensive if you solely decide to opt for a 1 bhk flat instead of a PG accommodation. But if you choose to share an apartment with your friends, your rent will be saved since you will be sharing the expense.

Following are some of the tips to be considered while finding a suitable accommodation in Mumbai:


Search for a good Location

Andheri is one of Mumbai’s most desirable neighborhoods with the maximum industrial units, which also means it has a lot of employment opportunities. There are numerous shopping malls and multiplexes in that area as well. There are many housing options in Andheri, such as PGs, which are very affordable.  And if you want to rent a luxurious flat, this is a great place to do so as well.


Find the travel commute that connects your office and Pg

Since it links the Western and Harbour railways, Andheri is strategically important. Local Trains, Metro Trains, BEST Buses, Autos, and Taxis all are easily accessible. Trains and buses are the most cost-effective modes of transportation for regular commuters to work and school. People can travel to Andheri through metros and monorails as well. It is the most comfortable mode of transport for daily hustlers.


Look for a Pg in Mumbai that’s affordable

Most people prefer Cozydorms – No brokerage PG in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Students and working professionals find our accommodations to be accessible and affordable. People who have experienced our shared accommodation services have given us positive reviews. It’s simple, convenient, and hassle-free to book a PG or Hostel with us, and we offer the best stay options in the best locations with zero brokerage.


Why choose CozyDorms ?


Ready to move-in furnished homes

Reasonable Rent

Zero Commission/ Brokerage

Best Amenities


We offer the best PGs and dorms in your preferred Mumbai location for you. CozyDorms ensure that your stay is stress-free, and your house hunting is easier as well. Our PGs are sanitized and safe with all the basic amenities.

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